Lynn Deutsch. A Vision For The Future!

  As mayor of Dunwoody I will have a vision for the future that is both aspirational and pragmatic. It is time for us to work together to turn our plans into reality. I am ready to build on our successes, to seek solutions to our challenges and to inspire residents, council and staff with a vision of a more vibrant, community-friendly city.
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Increase connectivity with new multi-purpose trails, sidewalks, and road improvements.


Reinvigorate Dunwoody Village and other commercial areas.

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Utilize financial resources responsibly to meet Dunwoody’s priorities.


Enhance our parks, recreation, and arts community.

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Support our police force and work to improve public safety.


Remain an advocate for the improvement of our school system by collaborating with officials, parents and taxpayers across the county.


Work to improve traffic and congestion in Dunwoody while protecting our community from the impact of projects outside our jurisdiction.

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