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Lynn Deutsch Shares Our Values!

To thrive and prosper, Dunwoody must be an outstanding place to live for people of all ages and stages of their life, and simultaneously be a place for businesses to locate.  

To reach this goal, we must: 

  • Maintain a small and efficient government that works for the good of our community.
  • Operate in a fiscally conservative manner, spending resources carefully.
  • Work to preserve the character of our neighborhoods.
  • Promote Dunwoody to businesses looking to relocate.
  • Repair roads and improve parks.
  • Continue to support public safety and other valuable city services.
  • Bridge communication with our local school system to ensure quality education.
  • Provide outstanding constituent services to our residents.
  • Strive to be a great example of good governance.
  • Remain accessible and listen to your concerns.

I look forward to serving our city in the capacity of Council Member.  I promise to communicate regularly with you and remain accountable to you.