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Friends and Neighbors for Lynn Deutsch

Dunwoody is talking about why Lynn Deutsch should be our next At-Large City Council Member.  Here are what friends, neighbors and community leaders have to say about Lynn...

“Lynn is known for her thorough research and ability to tackle complex issues.  I admire and appreciate her approach in addressing the good of the whole rather than the few.  Lynn has spent the last 20 years in service to Dunwoody and is well-prepared for city leadership.”
Page & Brian Olson, Redfield

“Lynn is passionate about improving Dunwoody and has the knowledge and competency to solve problems.  She will be a valuable asset to our city government.”
Jim & Sherrill Redovian, Dunwoody Corners

“Consensus-builder…Researcher…Fiscally conservative…and knows how to use her Master’s Degree in City Planning.”
Keith & Pam Tallmadge, Wynterhall

“One of the smartest people I know.  Lynn will make a wonderful addition to our City Council and I applaud her willingness to serve our community in this way.”
Ron & Lisa Curtis, Dunwoody North

“Lynn has the talent to get to the heart of an issue.  Once there, she considers all options and invariably chooses the most thoughtful action.  Her talents, at this time, are just what Dunwoody needs.”
David & Julie Borenstein, Windwood Hollow

“Lynn’s record of working to improve schools and land use for the city demonstrates that she is a dedicated professional who is always willing to take a stand and work tirelessly for the betterment of the community.”
Bruce & Ellen Lindemann, Briers North

“Effective political leadership is especially important to a city and I do not know anyone who, in my opinion, is more qualified to lead Dunwoody than Lynn Deutsch.  I have complete faith in her capabilities.”
Stan & Susan Reid, North Springs

“There is no question in my mind about Lynn's leadership qualifications for Dunwoody City Council.  Spearheading a charter school movement, serving as Planning Commissioner for the newly created City of Dunwoody, and as the Parent Representative for Governor Purdue's Master Teacher and Academic Coach Implementation, Lynn's qualifications are many, they are recent, and they are impressive.”
Brian & Susan Harper, Georgetown

“Lynn leads not just by title but with her actions as well. She has been involved in solving Dunwoody challenges since the city's inception.  She’s been active at Council meetings and has helped solve problems as Planning Commissioner for Dunwoody. I have no doubt that Lynn knows what’s needed to move our city forward.  I fully support her!”
Edward & Leslie Bauman, Wyntercreek

“Lynn is the most knowledgeable person I know on issues concerning Dunwoody and local government.  Lynn’s qualifications, work ethic and leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to be our next At-Large Council Member.”
Tim & Maureen Kiely, Renfroe Lake

“As a fellow member of the Planning Commission, serving along with Lynn, one of the things I so appreciate is her ability to understand issues affecting all parts of the city. Lynn is the best choice for our At-Large representative because she truly looks at decisions and issues from a city-wide perspective.”
Chris & Renate Herod, Dunwoody North